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Tiffany Jewellery are making an amazing stand
10/04/2015 08:34

Tiffany Jewellery are making an amazing stand it the structure planet

Tiffany Jewellery are designed to offer girls a trendy appearance. It ought to supply appearance a modern stylish appearance. Distinct body shapes currently have numerous amount of Tiffany Jewellery suitable for all of them. Someone should look into your girlfriend body type when searching for formalized or perhaps informal Tiffany Jewellery, which will match your ex. Outfit silhouette should really showcase while giving identical percent to all the sections of the determine.

Tiffany Jewellery found in keeping with one and all type. Just like pear shaped girls who are lean on the top menu and heavy at the bottom have to draw attention to the top end along with makeup zones. They must select cheap Tiffany Jewellery, halter Tiffany Jewellery, main decorated Tiffany Jewellery, and so on. Intended for backside serious women of all ages garment need to suits closely, though not far too constrained for the middle. Appear in the blouse is certainly ought to since it will make hips and hip and legs seem improved. Girls could also prefer larger middle garments enjoy world midsection clothing; this can help the sum to become showcased via the hands rather than hips.

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01/09/2014 21:03

Win over Everybody You Know Using your Brand new Tiffany Jewelry Information By simply Looking over this

The changing weather and artificial environments (such as warmth from heaters) can stress out your skin throughout the year. In fact, many people will tell you that they have their best skin in one particular season but not another.

If, however, you're struggling with bad skin and you're not sure what to do as another seasonal change approaches, then take note of these these handy and easy skin care tips.

Fall skin tips


It's always sad to say goodbye to summer. However, your skin might be happy to be bidding the harsh sun farewell. If you've taken too much sun, then now is the time to stop and let your skin have a break.

What to do: When heading outside, use sunscreen, and apply a daily face moisturizer that contains added SPF protection. If you've got a golden tan you don't want to lose, then maintain your glow with clarisonic Mia 1 .


By now sunny days are giving way to early evenings and autumn leaves. So sadly it's time to let that summer skin go and scrub away dry skin — particularly rough feet and cracked heels.

What to do: Give your whole body a work-over with a grainy scrub, paying particular attention to your feet, knees and elbows. An oil-based scrub will give you some added moisture.

Makeup savvy: Is your foundation aging you? >>


It's just about winter, so if there's anything you need to do with your beauty routine right now, it's to build a soft, hydrated foundation for your skin. Having a professional facial would be perfect, or an at-home option would be taking a steamy bath with a beauty mask on your face.

What to do: Make a fall-themed mask using the quintessential ingredient — pumpkin. The bloggers at Alyssa & Carla have a lovely DIY mask treatment and say they use "pumpkin to brighten and smooth skin."

Winter skin tips

Photo credit: Choreograph/iStock/Getty Images


Ah, winter. It's one of the toughest seasons on our skin, from the cold, harsh winds to the drying artificial warmth in our homes. Two key elements need to be incorporated into your beauty regime now, and that is "gentle" and "nourishing."

What to do: Change any gel-based body washes and face cleansers for products that are creamy or oil-based, as they will be richer and more nourishing for your skin. Opt for thicker moisturizers or lotions for your body and face.


All those drastic temperatures, cold winds and hiding under layers of clothes mean your skin will be a bit dull and dry by mid-winter. It's a perfect excuse to run a bath and use an all-over scrub that isn't too abrasive.

What to do: Blogger Complicated Mama suffers from dry hands during winter and recommends a homemade scrub with a coconut oil base. She says, "Coconut oil is amazing for your skin... [It] has a lot of benefits, including anti-aging benefits."


It might seem like a tip more appropriate for summer, but you need to keep hydrated from within to see results on the outside. In winter, you're more likely to forget to drink water, and you're exposed to lots of dry heating. Good hydration will keep your skin fresh and plump, which will also help with premature aging.

What to do: Keep drinking — water, that is! Don't stick to just hot drinks, as tempting as they are. Too much coffee and sugar isn't great for your skin.

Spring skin tips

Photo credit: Goldmund Lukic/Vetta/Getty Images


Hooray! The dark, grey skies are behind us — mostly. So now, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, it's time to start shedding your winter look.

What to do: The Skincare Diva wisely recommends that "if you're dealing with dry skin on your body, the skin is rougher, so use a body scrub or a loofah to help get the layers off. Allow up to three weeks to begin to see a restored glow."


Spring is also a time when people start to shape up for summer and prepare to wear shorts, skirts and swimsuits. This is the perfect time to add in skin care products that will help combat cellulite.

What to do: Start using an all-over lotion that will help regenerate your skin's firmness and diminish cellulite. Look for ingredients such as collagen and elastin.


You can achieve great skin by treating it from the inside, especially in spring, when fresh fruit and vegetables are starting to peak. Add lots of delicious variety to your diet, and see the benefits with a glowing complexion.

What to do: Did you know tomatoes are skin's best friend? They are full of an antioxidant known as lycopene, which has anti-aging properties.

Find out how you can fade sun spots >>

Summer skin tips


It's finally summer again! With long days in the sun and parties throughout the night, summer is a lot of fun, and you want to put your best foot forward at every event. If you're after a summer glow, then the best and safest way to achieve it is cosmetically.

What to do: cheap clarisonic aria Unless you want everyone to know you're faking it, start off summer with a natural-looking, gradual tan. Use an all-over moisturizer with a built-in self-tanner; the more you apply, the more it builds up.


If you're particularly prone to oily skin, or if the humid air wreaks havoc on your body, then consider ditching the oil-based and creamy products you might have used over winter and spring.

What to do: Wash and cleanse with gels or mild soaps, and always apply a lightweight moisturizer so you don't spend your day with a sticky feeling.


Summer skin care would not be complete without mentioning aloe vera. Whether you're someone who walks around a lot in summer or you're a sun lounger, it's always a good idea to use products in summer that soothe and condition your skin.

What to do: You can either have an aloe vera gel on hand for accidental sunburn or use a daily moisturizer with added aloe vera, and apply, apply, apply!

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Personalize Your Jewelry With These Charming B
15/08/2014 19:17
jewelry tips
Whether you like your gold stacked or just one little charm, there's always a way to style your jewels.

But a personalized necklace or bracelet gives your look a story -- because when your astrological sign is mapped out on your ring finger, your simple accompaniment transforms into a conversation piece.

Once again, the Rank & Style team did all of the sleuth work for us and rounded-up the best personalized jewelry brands on the market. Based on reviews and popularity, these gems are worth the investment -- so you can build up your fashion identity (re: wardrobe).

Check out the list below and get inspired to use your own creative elements for an amped up look.

Baublebar Acrylic State Pendant Necklace
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How to keep your jewelry dazzling
15/08/2014 19:13
Proper care of jewelry will extend the life of the piece, whether it's an inexpensive bauble or an heirloom.

The most basic step in caring for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and watches is to be mindful of how they're worn, jewelry experts say.

"Showering, washing dishes and cleaning the house are everyday tasks that make it easy to forget the jewels on your hand," said Jerry Ehrenwald, president and chief executive officer of the International Gemological Institute. "When cleaning or handling chemicals, you should always remove your rings and store in a safe place. Bleach and other cleaning agents can dull the finish of a ring and damage porous colored gemstones."

For watches, keeping moisture away is the most important step an owner can take to keeping timepieces ticking properly, said Terry Irby, technical director for watchmaker Tourneau. Even one drop of water can wreak havoc.

The same goes for other products such as skin and suntan lotions, hair spray, insect repellent and perfumes, Ehrenwald and Irby said.

"Once you're ready to head out the door, baubles should be the last thing you put on — the finishing touch," Ehrenwald said, adding that beachgoers should leave jewelry at home.

Keep it clean. It's not always easy to keep jewelry out of harm's way, so proper cleaning is the next step.

Louis Farkovitz, a New York-based master goldsmith and jeweler, said to clean precious metals such as gold and silver, a toothbrush with baking soda toothpaste will scrub it clean. Use a polishing cloth to bring the shine back after cleaning.

"It's a good idea to disinfect your jewelry regularly — especially earrings — by soaking in hydrogen peroxide," he said.

While toothpaste works for metals, don't use it on gemstones, he said.

Stay away from harsh cleaners. "Never use heavy detergent, or any kind of chemicals that you don't know what they are, because they could change the color of your jewelry or damage the stones," he said.

Ehrenwald said owners can use a mild soap like Ivory to clean the various types of jewelry, or they can use an ultrasonic cleaner for hard stones like sapphires and diamonds.

Farkovitz said to take extra caution with pearls.

"Pearls are a different animal because they are pretty sensitive and can lose their luster, cheap tiffany jewelry,and they are easily scratched," he said.

Jewelry pieces that are very expensive or special should be taken to an established, reputable dealer who can clean the items and will know which stones can handle certain chemicals, Farkovitz said.

Irby said metal watchbands also can be cleaned with a toothbrush and a mild detergent. The back of all watch dials should be wiped with a soft cloth to remove any buildup from daily wear.

For pieces that are worn daily, the jewelry experts recommended having the pieces checked for signs of wear, such as loose prongs on earrings and rings.

Higher-end watches with automatic winding mechanisms — that is, watches without batteries — are susceptible to having their timing thrown off by magnetic fields, Irby said. X-ray machines can set them off, but if the watch is too close to cellphones and tablet computers, it can also throw off the timing. Luckily that's an easy fix at a jeweler, he said.

Storing. Once home, take off and store jewelry before doing anything else, Ehrenwald said, and use a cotton-lined jewelry box.

Either use the box the item came in, or a box that has different compartments for various pieces, Farkovitz said.

The same storage advice goes for watches.
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Feminine collection hits Men's Fashion Week ru
15/08/2014 19:10
Feminine collection
After being pulled from the first-ever Toronto men's fashion week just days before his runway show, allegedly due to concerns that the clothes were too "androgynous" and "femme", Mic. Carter's L'Uomo Strano line was reinstated to the runway yesterday - crop tops, full skirts and all.

Carter went public with the TOM event's staff decision to can his collection just days before it hit the runway, saying they were worried that media would skewer them for showing "womenswear" and suggesting more masculine stylistic changes. (TOM executive director Jeff Rustia maintains that it was due to the construction and quality of the collection itself, not the androgynous designs.)

After he posted his side of the story on Facebook, his complaints spread around social media and finally hit local news outlets. Carter says he was hit with "a really surprising outpouring of support ... I was quite taken aback, but really encouraged."

On Wednesday, the event's staff sent Carter a message asking him if he'd consider showing. Though he was initially conflicted about taking the offer, "I wanted to honour the collection, honour the positive energy that the fashion community - and people outside the fashion community - had projected into the idea behind the collection."

Though he showed early on the last day of TOM, his show was greeted by a relatively healthy crowd - a few of whom were journalists who turned up specifically for Carter's collection. Despite TOM's complaints of quality, there was very little that was sloppy or unfinished about Carter's pieces.
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The Definitive Guide to Portland Fashion Shows
15/08/2014 19:05
Fashion Shows
In the last five years our fashion loving town went from a couple of runway shows a year to today’s jam packed calendar. With the constant barrage of shows happening every few weeks around here, we thought it time to break down the list one by one.

Years Running: 3; When: Every August and February (next installment August 21)
PROS: A multimedia experience, this biannual Crystal Ballroom show overwhelms the senses—in a marvelous way. Each designer is encouraged to think beyond the traditional runway show and create an overall experience. In the past, that’s included such surprises as designer Sharon Blair chopping off all her hair live while models walked, Bryce Black’s “models” that were actually professional dancers and broke into a surprise choreographed routine, or Michelle Lesniak's fantastic noir background cartoons.

CONS: With a very similar roster each time around, it puts a lot of pressure on those designers to one up themselves each time. I’m happy to see some new faces in this upcoming go-around.

WHO SHOULD GO: This is a show for fun-fashion lovers and those who love theatrics. It's a great icebreaker for those who think fashion shows are pretentious. They’ll change their mind quickly. 

TICKET ALERT: Fade to Light is quickly approaching with their fifth installment. Purchase your tickets for the August 21 show at the Crystal Ballroom here with designers Bad Wolf Clothier, Bryce Black, The Elephant Room, Emit, Everett K, Mag-Big, "Primal Haunt" Shelby Morgan and Kate Troyer Collection, Studio SKB, Urchin Re-Design, and WWJJD.

Years Running: 1 or 11 (depending how you look at it); When: September and April

PROS: While Portland Fashion Week has been running (with a brief hiatus) for eleven years, I look at it as a new entity since it came under new management a year ago. In that short time they’ve managed to make some serious strides—the city designated PFW as the “official” fashion show of Portland, fancy sponsors have signed on, and a partnership with The Art Institute of Portland loops in the next generation of designers. The latter move absorbed Ai’s decade-plus old highly successful fashion show securing in a sure-thing fan base and some flamboyant local talent such as Hello Eliza and Brady Lange.
CONS: Though the team has been ambitious thus far, the actual production has been less than desirable. The last two venues? The Convention Center and the sad, dismal basement of the Memorial Coliseum with poor, blue, spotty lighting and uneven show line ups (opening night ran twenty minutes, while night two was over two hours). This upcoming go around next month at Pioneer Square has a long way to go to live up to its hype—though the venue change is a good start).

WHO SHOULD GO: Supporters of young fashion designers and the hard work they put into their senior thesis collections. People interested in seeing what the continued evolution of this long running institution will bring.
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A tanned Rita Ora shows off her cleavage
08/06/2014 06:19
Rita Ora, fashion, women style

It looks like Rita Ora isn’t suffering from the grief of a broken heart because the singer was looking better than ever on Friday night.
Rita – whose split from Calvin Harris was announced yesterday by the Scottish DJ – looked tanned and trim I a low cut LBD with matching black and silver strapped heels.
The How We Do Party singer was enjoying a night out in West Hollywood as a single girl.

Rita Ora dresses in sparkle prom dresses

Rita had chosen to head to Bootsy Bellows nightclub for the evening and she added a touch of her trademark red lipstick to bring some colour to her look.

Rita has yet to publicly acknowledge her split from Calvin, who wrote on Friday evening: 'To address speculation – myself and Rita ended our relationship some time ago. She is a beautiful, talented woman & I wish her all the best'.

Free, single and ready to mige: Rita wouldn't find it hard to find a fella in her sexy outfit on Friday night

Out on the town: The singer visited Bootsy Bellows nightclub in West Hollywood with some friends
Calvin himself has been seen with two different women at varying night clubs over the last week which only reinforced the rumours that the couple had gone their separate ways.
And it has even been suggested that Justin Bieber was one of the reasons for them to split up after Rita and the Baby singer got ‘far too affectionate with each other’ while working at a recording studio together.
A source told TMZ: 'Word got back to Calvin, Justin and Rita got touchy feely with each other while they were in the recording studio together over the last few months.

She got as number one out of it: She might not have a producer-boyfriend but she does have a hit single
'Calvin heard they were very affectionate -- she would sit on his lap [and] he would rub her back.'
The RIP hitmaker moved in with 30-year-old Calvin in Los Angeles but he's now had her belongings removed from his home.
The source explained: 'He's already had her things removed from his LA house ... he [also] produced a few songs for her, but now he won't allow their release.'
Luckily, Rita managed to get their track I Will Never Let You Down out before he supposedly tried to stonewall its release too.

Read more: http://www.kupona.co.uk

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How to Make Your T-Shirt Dress Date Night
04/06/2014 16:56
T-Shirt Dress

over in London last night, Glamour's British counterpart honored their Women of the Year with a star-studded guest list and tear-jerking awards ceremony. And provided us Yanks over here with some serious fashion lessons—like how to make a cozy summer staple look 100 percent date night- (or party-) ready!

uk long prom dresses

Actress Sarah Hyland (a.k.a. the hilarious Haley Dunphy from Modern Family) stayed comfy and glam in a pewter and green sequined t-shirt dress from the Gucci resort 2014 collection. The metallic embellishments and holographic detail made a slouchy t-shirt silhouette as dazzling as a red carpet gown. Plus her chic, but subtle accessories (nude Christian Louboutin pumps and a gold Roger Vivier minaudière) completed the glamorous look.


Sarah snagged the trophy for Comedy Actress, too. Well done, times two, lady!

Shop out some Sarah-inspired kicked up t-shirt dresses here:

Do you like how Sarah wore a t-shirt dress to a glam red carpet? Do you like this outfit? For more fashion inspiration from the stars, drop by our Celebrity Style hub!

read more from http://www.comicana.co.uk/long-prom-dresses-c-14.html

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If Kate Middleton’s Butt Could Speak
04/06/2014 16:26

If Kate Middleton’s Butt Could Speak: It’s Time Royal Princesses Led Visible, Voluble Public Lives
Royal families, and the public, seem to want young royal women to be decorative and on-message — we obsess about wardrobe malfunctions, not their words. Let Kate and Letizia speak, and fulfill passionate public roles.
The relief, indeed fevered anticipation, of the world’s media is palpable. Sensible Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Brit Queen-in-waiting, she of the straight hair and sensible clothes and the wouldn’t-say-boo-to-a-goose sunny smile, has some competition on the Euro-royalty beauty circuit. Enter the soon-to-be Queen Letizia of Spain.

comicana's short prom dresses

First thought of editors: There’s more than one good-looking princess around. No more waiting to see if a minder can really protect Kate from another accidental bum-reveal. Hot double Princess picture bonanza, which means…

Second thought of editors: Catfight!

There’s nothing the media likes more than women fighting one another, particularly if the media can dictate the terms of that fight because those involved are royal and rarely stirred to comment. Without words, royalty, even royal bums, become symbols. Without commanding, distinguishing words from their mouths, the narrative can be wholly invented for Kate and Letizia. And the pictures will always rock, so let’s frock on. Wey-hey, it’s The Voice, with tiaras! Prepare, then, for the Kate vs Letizia storyline: It will go on for years, and it will be mostly about clothes, weight gain, baby bumps, weight loss, and pixellated interrogations of possible wrinkles when they dare to age. If I were either of them, I’d be lining up the therapists and happy pills now.

The future Queen Letizia of Spain has been called “Kate 2.0”, because obviously any Royal princess following Middleton is literally of a mould like a Stepford robot. She is a “onetime divorcee (pass the smelling salts). She was a journalist. She may have had an abortion. She wears more daring dresses than the Brit when it comes to formal functions, right down to strapless red dresses and, gasp, leather trousers. If Kate Middleton wore leather trousers, what would happen? Big Ben would stop chiming.

Both have had the oddly airless sobriquet of being “a style icon” endowed upon them, on the strength of being very thin and looking nice in pretty clothes probably tailored for them. But they’re not Daphne Guinness, Dame Vivienne Westwood, or Isabella Blow.

Still, those awaiting glamorous dress-up, skirt malfunctions, and unpredictable stray strands of hair, if say there is, like, wind, are in for double the fun with the sudden emergence on the scene of Letizia. “Move over Kate” begins more than one story about Letizia.

In the Sydney Morning Herald we are told of Letizia’s journalism career: “The Princess reported on the presidential election from Washington DC in 2000, and received an award the same year for most accomplished journalist under 30. She also reported from ground zero, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers in New York.”

But examples of her journalism, or what she was like as a journalist, or her career more generally, are not featured; but rather gallery upon gallery of her fashion looks.

“Her style is often daring and we can be sure she will dress nothing like the Queen of England,” we are told. Restrain yourselves, but she also wears “animal print.” I know, a royal in animal print. On a princess. What next? Last year’s flip-flops?

Meanwhile, at NBC.com—“Move over Duchess Kate, there's a new chic royal hitting the spotlight”—the two women are put in a direct fashion head-to-head death match, and praised for both being able to wear lace and take “maternity wear to a whole other level.”

In this “royal face-off: Spain’s Princess Letizia vs. Duchess Kate,” it sounds pretty nasty already. “Is Kate checking out her competition, or admiring another leather jacket?” one picture-combo of the two particularly asininely states, as the two women aren’t at the same event.

“Here's to some fierce royal competition!” the article concludes, because obviously Kate and Letizia have to be engaged in relentless sartorial combat. The media imagines them already in their ornately appointed dressing rooms, raging, “She wore the lace shift. Now I have to wear the floral wraparound. I wanted to go above the knee today. Damn her!”

But what if, what if, also in those same dressing rooms, the two women were contemplating a life beyond decoration, and their closets of questionable size-zero delights?

It would be unfair to say both do not speak. They are not mute. But their charities are safely channeled around children’s rights and education, activity and disability. Their speeches are prepared. They must not go off-message. They are fashion plates, birthing machines, and yet they are both young women and it’s their institutionalized pliability that sets such a rotten example for young women looking at them—fighting, silently, fashion plate against fashion plate—in magazines. Covering the gust of wind which exposed the Duchess’ cheeks was as near to body-shaming, and overtly sexualizing—that classic one-two—the Duchess as the media can get.

“If Diana's example can teach Kate and Letizia anything, it is the power of having one’s own voice, and of harnessing an institution’s power and status for one’s own activism.”
If the old cliché that every young girl grows up wanting to be a princess is true, what do these two princesses show young girls to emulate? That they should be silent, smiling adjuncts, endlessly smiling actually, prettily attired, doe-eyed and supportive, and to do as they are told. And, of course, to have babies. These two women are assembl- line workers in the ultimate factory of patriarchy.

We see no evidence of independent agency or thought in the Duchess of Cambridge, particularly. This is not to criticize her: being a Royal, or a member of “the Firm” as it’s known, is as patrolled and controlled as it is cosseted. To what extent she is trapped in an eternal royal trope or willing participant is only something she knows.

But even that other haven of princesses, Disney, has gotten with the program of late, in films like Frozen, where the heroine has the adventure, shows bravery, gets things done, has a voice (what a voice) and where, as the New York Times’ Stephen Holden put it, while love saves the day, it is sisterly love that is in the film’s foreground, rather than romantic.

In the UK, the writer Hilary Mantel was pilloried when she pointed out the suffocating role the Duchess of Cambridge had—Mantel’s critics wrongly perceiving a piece she wrote and lecture she gave as an attack on the Duchess, rather than on the system that created such restrictive roles for women to fulfill.

The Queen, all silent, all commanding, is the impressive symbolic apogee of this uncompromising mute sense of duty, but—impressive and awe-inspiring as she is—that model of removed royalty simply cannot sustain itself.

Diana, Princess of Wales, showed how to carve out a distinctive, brave public role early in her marriage around HIV and AIDS, when such issues were far from the glittery red ribbon celeb-fests that they are today. She went onto wards and hugged AIDS patients at a time when the public was suspicious of touching them. After her marriage, land mines became her famous, controversial focus.

Her charisma was too much, too overshadowing for the Royal model as it exists even now. Even after she left its barbed bosom, it did its best to further excommunicate and sideline her. The Diana model is deemed dangerous. Not for nothing did the Queen bow before Diana’s coffin. As it turned out, the Royals needed her, more than she needed them. The monarch, the consummate PR, the head of the nation, had been supremely outplayed on her home territory.

If Diana’s example can teach Kate and Letizia anything, it’s the power of having one’s own voice, the thrilling subversion and effect of using it, of harnessing an institution’s power and status for one’s own activism. For making a stand. Striking out.

But Diana died, and her sons—understandably, given the ruthless focus on her—innately distrust the media. Perhaps William’s admirable instinct is to protect his wife. The Royals seem more separate than ever, while—with public tours, and photo opportunities—offering an image of greater accessibility. But nothing has changed for the Queens-in-waiting. Duty, both biological and social, is as proscribed as it always was. All Kate and Letizia are left with are carefully curated good causes and perfect hemlines, hand-shaking, polite speeches, healthy larks, and gratefully bending down to receive posies from shy children, mindful of those damn, potentially ass-exposing gusts of wind.

These two women, glossily maintained as they appear, are trapped: lionized or criticized for what they wear, and for anything remotely controversial they may say. The institutions they live within, and the media watching them, have them thoroughly controlled and monitored. Their challenge is to find purpose and a voice, beyond being the well-behaved baubles expected of them.

One hopes that little girls look at these Queens-in-waiting, straight past their shimmering dresses and palaces and dashing princes, to their willed silence and compliance, their grinding duty of playing safe behind imprisoning palace walls and think: No, thanks.

read more at this page

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Nikki Reed Goes Blonde
27/05/2014 16:12

Breakover alert? A few days after filing for divorce from husband of two years Paul McDonald, actress Nikki Reed stepped out in West Hollywood, Calif. debuting a much-blonder look. But don’t add her to the “best breakovers ever” gallery just yet — the new hairdo is for a role in her upcoming film The Sunday Horse.

“Finishing touches. Less than a week away from filming #TheSundayHorse,” Reed captioned the below pic of her newly-tinted tresses on WhoSay. She snapped the photo from a seat in the Andy LeCompte salon (sound familiar? The hair color gurus are responsible for Nicole Richie’s recent purple transformation as well). The PEOPLE StyleWatch Celebrity Style Council member accented her lighter locks with a chic look of striped tee, blazer, jeans and red heels.

RELATED PHOTOS: See more celebrity hair changes here!

Her new locks are on the ombré side of blonde — much lighter than her standard chestnut color, but not quite Rosalie-in-Twilight blonde, which is probably for the best. After dyeing her hair for the first film, it began to fall out, leaving Reed to resort to wigs for the rest of the movies. Check out more photos of her newly-dyed hair in action: www.tamariart.co.uk/return-to-tiffany-necklaces.php

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